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Originally coming from the Hanseatic city of Riga and being named Marina – the feminine of Latin Marinus  “of the sea”, I have always kept this little bit of maritime in me even after moving far away from the Baltic Sea to the beautiful region of Alsace. There was no hesitation when it came to naming the leather good brand I established in autumn 2018: inspired by works of French novelist and poet Jules Verne,  Nemo Leather Goods was born.

Marina Gevorgian Nemo

Having a particular interest in the history of late XIX and early XX centuries, fascinated by the period of the Industrial Revolution and the beauty of Art Nouveau architecture, I have always been into small goods representing the class, elegance, and grace. Being a frequent visitor of antique stores and flea markets, I have decided not only to collect but to create beautiful yet simple goods that would last a lifetime. 


Every piece is designed and 100% handcrafted by a single person in Strasbourg, France: no machines or computers are involved. Nemo Leather Goods is working only with high-quality vegetable-tanned leather from several tanneries in Tuscany, Italy (members of  The Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium). 

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